As a photographer it is always a great honour and pleasure being asked to photograph a family, whom I have photographed before. I love seeing how the kids have grown up, and the adults have aged… Only joking, of course, but it is so nice to meet up with the same family again and to take their photographs. It is nice to know that my work helps them recording a chapter of their lives. Here is one such story…. a long time ago, when I first started out as a photographer, I photographed this family on the beach of the black sea, close to my house:

They have been very supportive of me throughout my career and recently we met up again in Amsterdam. Different place, different time, but other than that, nothing much has changed. It was great to see each other again. Here is the result of that afternoon. The weather was wet and grey, but somehow, we managed!

And to complete the picture, here is the whole family:

Thank you all, I look forward to our next encounter! With love, Annemieke.