Courtesy of the Corona crisis, we all got used very quickly to our online meetings… Appointments, yoga lessons, Friday afternoon office drinks, doctor consultations, meetings, congresses, and many many more things, I assume.

For me, it is fantastic to see that we are figuring out the best way to do this, as we go along. We cooperate, use our creativity, evaluate and inspire each other to find solutions, to do better, to make the best of our current circumstances.

At this congress, this was also very much the case. It was the first time that this event was held online. The outcome and general opinion was very positive and much was learned to improve future meetings.

The organizing committee decided to gather in a physical location (and yes… as you can see, plenty of space for 1,5 mtr distance) to make their cooperation more efficient. In order to make the congress a bit more visible, and have something tangible to share during the congress and afterwards, I was asked to help photographing the event on and off screen.