A few weeks before we all had to stay home because of the Corona crisis, I started a very nice project; photographing the hospice in Hilversum where I work as a volunteer, giving care to the residents.

For all their internal and external communication they wanted to have a great variety of photographs; photo’s that show the hospice, the beautiful garden, the rooms where the residents live, the other facilities, the contribution the volunteers make, the professional and caring attitude of the nursing staff, etc. etc.

By now, I have been there a few times and half the job is done. Whenever I go there as a volunteer, I take my camera with me. The garden is changing continuously, getting more beautiful every day. And there is always something, a special moment, beautiful light, etc. that invites a photograph.

Kajan is a ‘high end’ hospice, providing professional care to people that are in the last stage of their life. The hospice has 7 rooms and a staff of very committed and dedicated nurses as well as a professional management team and a small army of volunteers (140!). In no other environment have I seen such loving care and empathy for our fellow humans, it is truly heart warming and humbling.

If you are interested in volunteering, the hospice is always looking for new volunteers to join their staff. Please do check out their website www.hospicekajan.nl, or contact me if you need an introduction.